VPI Industries Inc. JMW Unipivot Series


The VPI Classic Arm

The standard arm on the Classic 1, and 2 is a very special design, one inspired by the world class speed stability of the Classic turntable.  When the speed is so accurate and the noise so low it is imperative to make an arm that does not resonate so the cartridge can separate the music in the grooves from the music in the arm. 
Classic Tonearm

The VPI Classic Signature Arm

Everything the standard Classic arm can do but with a more solid arm tube and bearing assembly for low output MC cartridges with lower compliance requirements. This arm is standard with the Classic 3, 4, and HR-X (extended arm for the 4 and HR-X).

Classic Signature

The VPI Classic 3D Arm

This revolutionary design utilizes the latest in SolidWorks Software and Finite Element Analysis tools finished in a custom Stereolithography Resin resulting in a tone-arm that noticeably dampens any unwanted device vibration allowing it to transfer flawless sound through its non-crystalline structure.