All-acrylic platter and inverted bearing
2" thick MDF/Steel chassis
1" thick acrylic armboard
Beautiful textured finish


The Aries 2 is the perfect choice for those looking for near-TNT performance in an HW-19 sized package. The 1.75"-thick platter is comprised of black acrylic and incorporates an inverted bearing similar to that used in the TNT HR-X. The bearing shaft is 60 Rockwell hardness, ground and polished, and rides on a Teflon thrust plate. The motor assembly utilized for the Aries is the same as that used in the TNT, but is 1" shorter and weighs 4 lbs less.

For improved stability and damping, the Aries' chassis is made from two-inch thick MDF with a 10-gauge steel plate bonded to its underside. Three layers of polished black polyester provide a durable, attractive finish. The plinth is supported by four aluminum tiptoes, the bottoms of which are composed of hardened steel balls. The Aries 2 tiptoes no longer incorporate the Neoprene rubber suspension previously used in the Aries.

The Aries circular armboard is 1" thick black acrylic and mates well sonically with the MDF chassis.

The Aries 2 is available in three models: The standard Aries 2, the Aries 2 Extended, which utilizes a wider plinth capable of accommodating the JMW-12/12.5 tonearm, and the Aries 2 Black Night, which is a standard Aries 2 packaged with the JMW-9 tonearm and priced at $2800.

The Aries 2 can be taken to the next level by adding VPI's flywheel and Synchronous Drive System.