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TAS Golden Ear Award 2013




Stereophile review on 3D arm - Michael Fremer





The VPI Classic 3D Arm


Classic 3D arm


The VPI Classic 3D Arm


The arm looks like a traditional VPI Unipivot arm, except it's made in a 3D printer. The material is basically epoxy, which forms a rigid, lightweight, structure with good insulation properties. Epoxy is non-crystalline which impedes the transfer of vibration, so it’s the perfect material for tone arms. The shape of the tone arm shaft also adds rigidity to the structure and further prevents the transmission of surface vibrations. The result is a low resonance lightweight tone arm.

This tonearm is backwards compatible and will fit on all past and current VPI Turntables.  It will be printed in 10 and 12 inch. 



This revolutionary design utilizes the latest in SolidWorks Software and Finite Element Analysis tools finished in a custom Stereolithography Resin resulting in a tone-arm that noticeably dampens any unwanted device vibration allowing it to transfer flawless sound through its non-crystalline structure. The JMW 3D tone arm is swiftly becoming a staple piece on all turntables whose users value a superior listening experience.




Classic 3D Arm available in standard (10) and extended (12) lengths.