VPI - Classic Tonearm


Classic 1 Arm



Cartridges are dumb, they cannot separate the motion of the groove from the motion of the tonearm so when the two blend we get less than accurate reproduction of the vinyl groove.  The standard arm on the Classic 1, and 2 is a very special design, one inspired by the world class speed stability of the Classic turntable.  When the speed is so accurate and the noise so low it is imperative to make an arm that does not resonate so the cartridge can separate the music in the grooves from the music in the arm.  Some of the special features in the Classic arm:



This new Classic tonearm will compliment and fulfill the promise offered by the Classic turntable.  It is an ideal combination of low noise, great tracking ability, solid bass performance with great detail, silky smooth highs, and rich midrange performance.  You will be up late at night listening to records as if it were the first time you were listening to them.


Also available with the upgraded VTA on the fly base:



Classic VTA Arm


VTA on the fly give you the ability to adjust your Vertical Tracking Alignment while you're listening to your turntable. This gives you more accuracy on your adjustments.