Sheila was a daughter, mother, and wife. She cared about her family above all and the values she shared with them. One value was to get everything done on time, "don't put things off, you never know what tomorrow will bring!". Another value was her productivity as a mother, Girl Scout leader, and co-owner in VPI Industries, "If you want a job done, find a busy person!" Most importantly she tried to help her family and friends experience everything, "that way we get the best of all worlds". Sheila got the job done and always did what was right and fair over what may be easy.

Early in life Sheila was Speech Pathologist and English teacher, and continued as a volunteer Girl Scout leader and Trainer. Family gatherings were always important to Sheila. She would always plan to make sure everyone had something they could eat or enjoy to feel welcome. Sheila spoke to her mother Shirley everyday to check in on her father, Jack, and brother Steven, and always made sure her husband and children were taken care of. She also had a very long memory and was quick to speak her mind. She knew who was honest and fair and appreciated those who put their best foot forward. It was important to Sheila to honestly tell someone how they were at their job, even if it was brutal honesty! If someone was doing a job wrong she wanted them to learn from their mistakes to improve. If someone was doing a job right, she wanted them to know it and reinforce their positive characteristics! Her sons Jonathan and Mathew and her husband Harry meant the world to Sheila and she always looked out for and protected them. 

Two of her favorite poems were "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost and "The Man in the Looking Glass" by Peter Dale Wimbrow. Sheila knew there were many paths in life. She also knew the importance of embracing your path without regret and being happy with the person you are for taking that path in life. Don't stay in the listening corner, sing as loud as you can!

The following is a poem written by Sheila's mom Shirley:


(by her mother - Shirley Greene)

Sheila was a beautiful child
Always lady-like... never wild
Her early childhood was not an easy one
Her sensitive skin suffered from the sun
Out apartment on the Lower East Side was far from nice
Where, under our refrigerators, lived a family of mice
After 3 years, we relocated to a much better place
With Jack having insisted that we were an emergency case
Sheila was a great help to us when her brother came along
She was not a fragile child, and proved to be very strong
With a great amount of energy and help in caring for her brother
IN fact, she performed and behaved as would a good mother
She checked on Steven while they both attended the same school
To make sure that her brother was following the Golden Rule
She was out baby-sitter when we lived in Queens, on Main Street
She was always so dependable, organized, and extremely neat
As a volunteer Girl Scout Leader, she did the best that she could
To teach the young Girl Scouts hot to enjoy life and be good
Sheila became a severely brittle diabetic, and very ill in 1965
She was hospitalized and we were all very lucky she stayed alive
She majored in the study of speech therapy in College
And earned a Master of Science Degree and infinite knowledge
Sheila married Harry Weisfeld in 1971
And in 1983, Jonathan became their son
Soon after that, Harry's hobby as an audiophile, became his life
With Sheila's support, and assistance as his loving and faithful wife
They designed and manufactured record turntables and cleaning machines
That became popular and in great demand, beyond their wildest dreams
Jonathan was in need of a sibling, Sheila and Harry thought
And the result was that brother Mathew into their life was brought
These two brothers played and got along together so very well
That is was very obvious, there was great love there, as all could tell
Jonathan's life at 17, ended in an auto accident, at this young age
This tragedy that befell the Weisfeld left the family at a despairing stage
Raising Mathew was child's play, was no challenge, no problem at all
With his assistance, understanding and love the family did not fall
Their factory (VPI) and their business has prospered, doing very well
Mathew has many talents and skills in which he does excel
Sings, dances, plays piano, is a martial art champion, one of the best
He is easy-going, a sportsman, Karate expert, well liked by all the rest
Has performed in many community theater shows, never missing a cue
He graduated from Holmdel High School, and Monmouth University too
She was proud of Mathew, an educator.  Sheila died four years ago
After much pain, pancreatic cancer was her fate's final severe blow
She was an active, vital partner in VPI as it prospered and grew
Sheila was fair to all the dealers and well-liked by all who she knew
As the business was so important in her life, Mathew did not hesitate
The teaching career was put on hold, that would now have to wait
He had to join Harry and help with VPI to perpetuate Sheila's VPI role
To help Harry in making VPI greater and better was Mathew's goal
A new machine, "The Traveler" was created and named in Sheila's honor
Because Sheila loved to journey to many placed, this was named for her
Mathew is now very savvy and learned quickly as an administrator
He has done very well, in this was to remember and to honor his mother.