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VPI Performance Tables

VPI Scout 21


The VPI Scout 21 elevates the original Scout with improved isolation and robust motor assembly with a 9" Unipivot Tonearm.

VPI Prime 21

The VPI Prime 21 is a refinement of our award Prime turntable.  Improved isolation feet, finished top plate, and 3D gimbal tonearm.

VPI Signature DS

The DS takes the best aspects of our Signature 21 and trickles down the performance in a more affordable package.

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VPI Signature 21

The Signature 21 is upgraded from its predecessor with Fatboy tonearm and improved isolation feet.

VPI Classic Signature

Back by popular demand, the Classic Signature has returned in Black Oak, Piano Black, or Gloss Walnut.

VPI HW-40 Black

The HW-40 Black Edition is the continuation of our award-winning Direct Drive product line.

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