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Pure Audio Project and the VPI Prime

We are very excited to have a VPI Prime in the Pure Audio Project Listening room! Fantastic speakers that give you full customization with your listening experience! Initially we connected with Pure Audio Project after Harry had read some information on their speakers. He liked what he read so much he took a shot and bought a pair. That pair has since been brought to his personal home listening room!

"A great weekend of celebrating our meeting with VPI Industries is almost over... :) VPI Prime turntable arrived few days ago, and after a careful setting during which one learns to admire the personal touch of VPI design, together with Exogal, LLC it filled the whole weekend with true analog bliss like only top-end turntables can. The two speakers that took the call and played non-stop were Trio15 PAP-Horn1 and the fabulous Trio10 Voxativ.. Thanks VPI Industries, Mat Weisfeld, Harry Weisfeld, for providing such a great product and music experience, and for following what we do in the speakers domain !"

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