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VPI Products at CES 2018

For Immediate Release:

VPI Industries is very excited to have a number of VPI products on display with quality partners at this year's Consumer Electronics Show - CES!

We are also proud to have our NEW Voyager Phono Preamplifier featured in a number of rooms with our tables. Check the image above, or the text below to find the VPI locations at CES.

Please email with any questions/concerns.

Avenger and Voyager with

Increcable Acoustic Labs and Eggelstonworks - Venetian Suite 29-118

Avenger Plus and Voyager with

Klipsch Group - Venetian Suite 29-105

Avenger Reference with

Audio-Technica - Venetian Suite 29-336

Cliffwood with

Totem Acoustics and Transparent Cable - Venetian Suite 29-225

Vanquish with

Genesis Advanced Tech and Viola Audio Labs - Venetian Suite 29-233

Prime Scout with

KLH Audio and Roger's High-Fidelity- Venetian Suite 29-321

No 515 with

Mark Levinson - Venetian Suite 29-136

Prime Signature with

Esoteric USA - Venetian Suite29-311

VPI/M&D Player with

Master & Dynamic - Venetian Suite 29-315

Avenger and Voyager with

CAT - California Audio Tech - Venetian Suite 29-330

Avenger Reference and Voyager with

SAE - Scientific Audio Electronics - Venetian Suite 29-332

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