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Record Store Day Event with Overture

Another fantastic event with our partners in Delaware for Record Store Day! Overture Ultimate Home Electronics demonstrated a full range of equipment setups from the entry level VPI Cliffwood all the way up to the flagship VPI Titan! They also had keynote speakers besides VPI from Sutherland Audio, Van Den Hul, and more!

The first room was fully loaded with our Titan turntable, matched with the top of the line Van Den Hul cartridge, Audio Research Electronics, and Magico Speakers. As with the previous event, is was a great chance to properly hear Magico speakers with a compatible system. Very musical and large sounding, brass instruments were in the room! One listener was surprised with the impact of the lows as we played some Sonny Rollins.

Further into their store Overture demonstrated a modest but impressive room using the VPI Prime Scout with McIntosh Labs Integrated and Soundsmith Carmen cartridge. Pictured below is Overture Technician extraordinaire Robert Bobo cueing up a new records. The overall system would get the best bang for the buck award!

What was really interesting and exciting for me was having a chance to learn more and listen with Ron Sutherland owner of Sutherland Audio. He demonstrated his new "Loco" phono stage and explained his engineering methodology and why it is such a crazy idea! The phono floats the ground, does not have adjustments, and requires XLR as well as other nuisances I'll leave to Ron to explain.

Hence the name "Loco" because you have to do some work to have the proper equipment and cartridge pairing, but it is truly worth it! Clean and detailed, this was an extrtemly enjoyable room to listen to. Reach out to Ron to learn more because this was one of the rare moments were a phono stage has an exciting story that makes sense in the end.

Also in the same room was our VPI Avenger with both a standard Reference arm using a Vanden Hul Calibri and on the other base a VPI Fatboy arm with Lyra Cartridge.

The rest of the system consisted of Magneplaners and McIntosh Amplification.

Last but certainly not least was one of the largest surprise, the VPI Cliffwood turntable using the Cliffwood phono. The Cliffwood phono was an accessory we developed from the Player Turntable phono to provide a quick and easy MM phono solution. We are surprised every time we hear it and forget how good these two little guys are together! Running through the McIntosh Integrated, this system reminded us that the Cliffwood team is a force to be reckoned with!

This year is the first time ever VPI will be presenting awards to the dealership for their dedication and achievements as a VPI dealer. We were very proud to give Overture their award as a "Gold Dealer" in person at the event! Just look at those two handsome devils!

It is amazing how much has changed for the better at Overture! This is our second event with them and we are already looking forward to the next. If you haven't made it over to there before now is a great time to swing by and give some equipment a listen, especially that Titan! See you all at the next event at overture!

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