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VPI with Genesis and More at Southwest Audiofest 2024



Dallas, Texas - March 15, 2024 - VPI, a leading manufacturer of high-quality turntables, is thrilled to announce that its renowned turntables will be prominently featured at the upcoming Southwest Audiofest in Dallas, Texas, from March 15 to March 17.

As the debut audio show for the region under the experience of Gary Gill and Lou Hinkley, Southwest Audiofest attracts audio enthusiasts, industry professionals, and music lovers from around the world. VPI will be showcasing its exceptional range of turntables in multiple exhibitor's rooms, offering attendees a unique opportunity to experience the unparalleled sound quality and craftsmanship for which VPI is renowned.

Among the exhibitors featuring VPI products is Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc., a trusted partner and a leading provider of top-tier audio solutions. Genesis will be proudly presenting the VPI Avenger Direct turntable, equipped with the state-of-the-art Hyper Sonic X4 cartridge, alongside an impressive lineup of other high-end products as shared by CEO Gary Koh:

“Looking forward to the first SouthWest Audio Fest next week. I'll be showing with two old friends Brian Tucker and Bob Clarke. They are both importer/distributor of some great brands - so we'll have an interesting international system.

Representing the best of U.S. design and manufacturing will be the Avenger Direct from VPI Industries. From far away New Zealand, we'll have The Wand Tonearm and turntable. The Hyper Sonic X4 cartridge precision assembled and built in Switzerland will extract music from the grooves.

France will be there with the Analog Audio Design TP-1000 reel-to-reel machine which will be extracting music from magnetic tapes. Electronics are Hungarian from Heed Audio. Puritan Audio Laboratories from England will be conditioning and cleaning-up the hotel power supply to feed it all and Lateral Audio equipment racks will be holding it all up.

And finally, converting electrical signals into sound - two transducer companies, Austrian Trenner & Friedl and American Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc.

VPI Turntables have long been celebrated for their exceptional build quality, precision engineering, and outstanding audio performance. Each turntable is meticulously crafted with a deep commitment to delivering the most immersive and authentic vinyl playback experience possible.

"We are excited to showcase our VPI Turntables at Southwest Audiofest!  Gary and Lou have always been good to us and I know everyone is going to have a fantastic experience!" said Mat Weisfeld, CEO of VPI. "This event provides us with a fantastic platform to share our passion for audio excellence and connect with fellow audiophiles in an area that is certainly filled with them!  Great steak and audio right there in Texas! We are particularly thrilled to partner with Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc. and present our Avenger Direct turntable with the Hyper Sonic X4 cartridge. We believe that this collaboration will deliver a powerful sonic experience to all attendees."

VPI invites all audio enthusiasts, music lovers, and industry professionals attending Southwest Audiofest to visit the exhibitor's rooms featuring their turntables. Experience firsthand the exceptional sound quality and attention to detail that sets VPI apart from the competition.

For more information about VPI and its range of turntables, please visit

About VPI:

VPI is a leading manufacturer of high-end turntables and accessories. With a legacy spanning over four decades, VPI has consistently pushed the boundaries of audio innovation, delivering exceptional turntables that are celebrated by audiophiles worldwide. Each VPI turntable is handcrafted in the USA with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring an unparalleled vinyl playback experience.

Media Contact:

Bill Poteet

Sales and Marketing Director

VPI Industries

Phone: 757-763-9427


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