For a complete list of accessories please contact your VPI dealer.

Cleaning Machine Accessories
White Hose Clamp
Replacement white hose clamp for all VPI record cleaner drain tubes is a must for proper operation! Is your VPI record cleaner drain tube clamp worn or broken? If so this replacement clamp is just what you need. It is extremely important that this clamp be installed and functioning properly when cleaning records. If this clamp is missing or working improperly while cleaning, fluid can be sucked from the waste fluid compartment and be spread all over the inside of your cleaning machine.
8 Oz. RCM Fluid
Specifically formulated record cleaning fluid designed to be used with VPI record cleaning machines, all other cleaning machines, and hand cleaners with enough fluid to clean 40-50 records.
1 oz. Conc. RCM Fluid
This concentrate is great for shipping overseas! Our own concentrated record cleaning machine fluid. This 1oz bottle makes one gallon of fluid when mixed with your own gallon of distilled water.

Note: If solution beads upon application simply add 10oz of alcohol into one gallon of fluid.
HW 17/27 Brush Assembly
Replacement brush Assembly for use with your HW 17 series or HW-27.
VPI Vacuum Tubes
Replacement vacuum pickup tube for any VPI record cleaning machine. We recommend buying two so you always have a spare!
Vacuum Tube Holder
This will hold your vacuum tube in place. The 16.5 and cyclone have their own versions of this holder.
Complete 12" Vacuum Tube Set
The full set needed to clean your records. This is using the 12" tube for cleaning.
Delrin Vacuum Tube
This tube is a sturdier version of our standard vacuum tubes.
VPI HW-16.5, 17 & 27 Record Brush fo
Replacement record cleaning brush for the VPI 16.5, 17 & 27 Typhoon record cleaning machines for 33 1/3rpm or 45rpm 12" Vinyl.
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VPI Clamps
Delrin Clamp
Solid Delrin Deluxe One Piece Record Clamp

Disc clamping is known to reduce the affects of external vibration from acting upon the stylus. This action improves minute details and overall sound quality. One piece deluxe, adjustable record clamp. By using this record clamp, you can help reduce (and in some cases eliminate) record warpage and you create a much tighter seal between the record and your turntables platter.
Works on VPI's with threaded spindle.
Deluxe Clamp
Our newest record clamp makes several key improvements over the previous generation of clamps. First, the adjustable knob and upper half of the clamp is machined from solid stainless steel. By using solid stainless steel, the clamp adds even more mass and mechanical damping to the table. Since the stainless steel knob is more dense this translates to even better warp reduction when playing records. Works on VPI's with threaded spindle.
Signature Weight
Stainless Steel Record Center Weight

Our Stainless Steel Record Center Weight will work with all VPI turntable models and most other turntable brands as well. Our turntables works best in conjunction with the VPI Stainless Steel Outer Periphery Ring Clamp, which provides vacuum-like hold down without the problems inherent in a vacuum system, for maximum stability of record playback!
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VPI Motors
Scout Motor
The Scout motor housing has become a staple in our product line. It's design has been used on the original Scout, Scout 2, current model of the Scout, and the newly released Scout Jr. The motor is 600 RPM (500 RPM overseas) with a standard pulley to accommodate an 11.5 inch platter. Pulley for 12 inch platter is also available upon request when ordering from your local dealer.
Prime Motor
The Prime motor housing is the standard motor pod for the Prime turntable and has also turned into a staple DIY item in the industry. The motor is a 300 RPM (500 RPM overseas) with a standard pulley to accommodate a 12 inch platter.
Signature Motor
The Signature Motor housing is made of stainless steel. The motor is a 300 RPM (500 RPM overseas)
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Turntable Accessories
Super Lube Bearing Lubricant (1oz.)
1 oz. plastic bottle of bearing lubricant for VPI Turntables. You should re-lube your turntable bearing at least once a year to decrease wear. It also helps with your speed regulation.
Lifter/Cueing Device
This device is used to lower and raise your JMW arm. It is easily replaceable by loosening the set screw located on the side of your JMW armbase.
VPI Stroboscope Disc
Our Stroboscope Speed Control Disc accurately checks your turntable speed! With its large, easy-to-read strobe lines and low price, this is a must have for all vinyl lovers!
Crosscheck Level
Our Crosscheck Turntable Level is an effective, easy to use level, perfect for turntables. The Crosscheck Level allows two axis to be checked simultaneously, making leveling a quick and simple task. The Crosscheck Level's small form factor allows quick measurements to be taken anywhere; on the platter, on the plinth, even on the shelf itself.
XLR Junction Box
This is our JMW - XLR Junction box. It can also be ordered with Reference wiring.
VPI Oct 2015-44
Cartrdige Set Up Kit
This kit has everything you need to set up your cartridge. It comes with (two keys),various sized screws, washers, and an azimuth rod.
Finger Lift
This finger lift can be used to safely move your tonearm on and off of the record.
Stylus Force Gauge
This digital gauge is our most accurate gauge that calculates tracking force. It is simple to use and mimics the height of where a record would sit on the platter.
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