VPI FAQ's - a page that will continually expand with answers!

Q: I'm having trouble explaining a part to my dealer.  How can I describe it better?

A: Check out our turntable anatomy to help you with your turntable!

Q: When adjusting my tonearm I think I broke the knob finger grabber adjuster.  How do I fix it or can I purchase  a new one?

A: The what?

Q: Can you explain your product line at a quick glance?

A: We have made the line very simple with the idea of “good, better, best” in mind across the whole line.   All products are consistent and locked in to be in the line without any changes!!!)

Entry Level  

Prime Scout (good)
Prime (better)
Prime Signature (best)

Avenger (good)
Avenger Plus (better)
Avenger Reference (best)

Q: Will the VPI 3D printed tonearm work with my Classic 1 (or 2)

A: Yes, it actually is an easy drop in but you have to adjust the female bearing using a 1/8” Allen wrench.  You can raise and lower the female bearing until it sits properly.  You can also use this female bearing as another way to adjust VTA but we don’t recommend it. 

A Continued: You can also order and change your bearing to one that does not have the oil bath well, both options work just fine for the JMW 3D arm.

Q: Why do you use a vinyl wrap on your chassis rather than real wood?

A: We have tried real wood many times but it never measures consistently, it doesn’t sound as good, and it would cause a major increase in the price. The vinyl wrap/composite material chassis sounds better, is more cost effective, is temperature tested (no unexpected warps), and is more durable.  We have done a wood veneer on the Classic(s), and will be doing a rosewood veneer on the Prime Signature. Also despite the initial hesitation, the vinyl wrap wood finishes have really taken off and look great in person.  Often people who visit the factory and do not know it isn’t real wood are blown away when we tell them it is a vinyl wrap. 

Q: What happened to the Nomad?

A: The Nomad V1 turned into the Nomad V2. Why? Because of both supplier problems and customer feedback to improve the Nomad experience. Nomad V2 turned into the Player. Why? Because one of our dealers royally screwed up, didn't realize they had an overstock of V1 and flooded them into the market while we were trying to re-launch V2. Everyone gets confused, cats and dogs, mass hysteria. From there we solidified the marketing and branding of the table as the Player.  We released the Player in finishes the Nomad V2 were never made in so there was no confusion at all.  This was all done to steady the boat and remove any confusion. The Player has been selling very well since  with one critique from the consumer and dealership...



Q: Can VPI release a version of the Player without any electronics?

A: Let me introduce you to the Cliffwood!

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