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VPI Aries 2 -

Dark Knight - Extended

Note: The VPI Aries 2 is no longer in production but still has available upgrades.


The Aries 2 was the next evolution of the original Aries 1 where it embraced the use of an inverted bearing and offered the option of a clear or black acrylic platters (Aries 2 Dark Knight), or an extended chassis (Aries 2 Extended) to house a JMW 12 tonearm.

All-acrylic platter and inverted bearing

2" thick MDF/Steel chassis

1" thick acrylic armboard

Beautiful piano black finish


  • The 1.75"-thick platter is comprised of clear or black acrylic and incorporates an inverted bearing similar to that used in the HR-X. The bearing shaft is 60 Rockwell hardness, ground and polished, and the platter rotates on a Teflon thrust plate for ultra low noise.

  • The solid steel motor assembly is almost 20 pounds and contains a low noise 300-RPM synchronous motor with Delrin motor pulley. This is a very low noise system as the fundamental resonance of the motor is at 5 Hertz. Well below the ability of a cartridge to pick it up.

  • For improved stability and damping, the Aries' chassis is made from two-inch thick MDF with a 10-gauge steel plate bonded to its underside. Three layers of polished black polyester provide a durable, attractive finish. The plinth is supported by four aluminum tiptoes, the bottoms of which are composed of hardened steel balls. The Aries 2 tiptoes no longer incorporate the Neoprene rubber suspension previously used in the Aries. They are adjustable for leveling.

  • The Aries circular armboard is 1" thick black acrylic and mates well sonically with the MDF chassis.


The Aries 2 is available in three models:

  1. The standard Aries 2.

  2. Aries 2 Extended, which utilizes a wider plinth capable of accommodating the JMW-12/12.5 tonearm.

  3. Aries 2 Black Night, which is a standard Aries 2 packaged with the JMW-9 tonearm, black platter, and priced at $2800 complete.

The Aries 2 can be taken to the next level by adding VPI's flywheel and Synchronous Drive System.

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