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VPI Aries 3

VPI Aries 3

Note: The VPI Aries 3 is no longer in production but still has available upgrades.

  • 2008 - Enjoy the - Best of 2008 - Aries 3


The 1.75"-thick platter is comprised of non-resonant acrylic and incorporates an inverted bearing similar to that used in the HR-X. The bearing shaft is 60 Rockwell hardness, ground and polished, and the platter rotates on a Teflon/Delrin composit thrust plate for ultra low noise.

The solid stainless steel motor assembly is almost 15 pounds and contains a smooth 300-RPM synchronous motor with Delrin motor pulley. This is a very low noise system with the fundamental resonance of the motor at 5 Hertz which is well below the frequency a cartridge can reproduce.

The Aries 3 chassis is made from a sandwich of 2 layers of 5/8” polished black acrylic top and bottom with a 5/8” thick aluminum center section, exactly like the HR-X chassis design which provides stability and damping. This system creates an inert, quiet, and stable platform for the platter and tonearm to sit on. The plinth is supported by four black Delrin feet, the bottoms of which are composed of hardened steel balls. The suspension when applied to the laminated HR-X type chassis provides outstanding rigidity and a wealth of information from the record grooves. They are adjustable for leveling.

The Aries 3 circular armboard is a 4” in diameter, 1" thick black acrylic that mates sonically with the HR-X style laminated chassis.

The Turntable:

  • The black acrylic is bonded with a sandwiched machined aluminum plate

  • The four Stainless Steel corner posts are designed for isolation and mechanical grounding

  • The 300 RPM, 24 pole, AC synchronous motor is capable of high torque and quiet operation. The motor is installed in a separate aluminum and steel machined assembly

  • The Inverted bearing features a hardened stainless steel shaft, 60 Rockwell chrome hardened ball, spinning in a phosphor bronze bushing and sits on a PEEK thrust disc.  The belt side load is placed at the center of the spinning bearing for zero teeter-totter effects

  • The 20 pound  6061 aluminum platter has an accuracy of +/- .001” in a 39” circumference

  • The motor pulley has an accuracy of +/- .0005” when leaving factory


  • Wow and flutter:  <.1%

  • Speed Accuracy:  <.03%

  • Rumble: >75db down

  • Overall Dimensions 22" X 16"

  • 54 lbs packing weight

Available Upgrades:

  • Periphery Ring clamp for the ultimate in record warp reduction

  • Analog Drive System (ADS) for the utmost accuracy in motor speed and fine speed adjustments.

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