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VPI Cliffwood Phono

Effortlessly Get Into Entry-Level High-End Analog with the VPI Cliffwood MM Phono Preamplifier: U.S.A.-Made Device Offers Detailed, Dynamic Vinyl Playback and Hassle-Free Set Up

The VPI Cliffwood MM phono preamplifier is mainly designed to get music listeners equipped with a turntable into entry-level high-end analog in fast, simple fashion. Proudly built in the U.S.A., Cliffwood features the same electronics inside the VPI Player turntable and functions as an ideal companion to the VPI Cliffwood turntable. When paired with the latter, you'll have instant access to detailed, warm, and dynamic vinyl playback and none of the hassles that come with set up or equipment matching. This low-noise, op-amp component also includes a regulated linear power supply to ensure accurate, clear sound. With Cliffwood in tow, you're mere steps away from discovering all the unique pleasures of LP playback.

  • Gain 44db

  • Input loading: 47K Ohm -180pF

  • Maximum input level: 125mV

  • Input sensitivity: 3mV for 500mV output

  • Frequency response (50K Ohm load):17Hz (-3dB) to 75KHz (-0.2dB)

  • RIAA accuracy (50K Ohm load): +/-0.18dB 100Hz to 75KHz

  • Power requirements: 110VAC @ 100mA

  • 7 ¾" Length x 6" Depth x 2 ⅛" Height

  • 1.5LBS

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