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VPI Player

The first all in one high-end entry level turntable.  The Player is complete with a headphone amplifier, phonostage, and pre-mounted Shirley cartridge on a 9 inch Gimballed / Yoke bearing tonearm. It is the perfect solution to enjoying your records!

 "VPI Player provides admirable sound quality and an excellent build standard, together with a host of features that require no setup and tweaking to work. A quality machine, the Player is an ideal entry point into the glorious world of vinyl." -

 "The Player punches way above its weight class and delivers a reproduction of intense musicality. For those that have heard all the hype about the vinyl sound, but not listened to their records in years, the VPI Player will deliver more than they were hoping for." -  Hi-Fi +

 "The Player sounds excellent in its current configuration. With a focus and a precision across the frequency range that allows detail to run freely while tackling all of the sonic basics very well indeed. Anyone buying the Player ‘as is’ will have no complaints." - Paul Rigby, The Audiophile Man

VPI Cliffwood Tonearm


Bearing Type: Gimbal Yoke

Internal Wire: VPI Copper weave

Pivot to spindle: 223mm
Effective length: 240.7mm
Effective Mass: 10.6g

Overhang: 17.7mm
Offset angle: 22.85 degrees
Average RMS distortion:

Material: Aluminum


Product Notes: Adjustable Counterweight

Technical Specifications

Chassis Composition:

Platter Type & Size:

Tonearm Included:

Motor RPM:

Motor Pulley Accuracy:

Wow and Flutter:

Average RMS Distortion:


Overall Size:

Total Weight:

Vinyl Wrapped MDF

11.5" Aluminum, 7 lbs

Player Tonearm

300 RPM

+/- .0005"



16" x 11"

19" x 14" x 6"



Reviews & Awards


  • JMW-9 Tonearm & Base - Improves tracking and dynamics with a new tonearm & base.

  • Signature Centerweight- Great for use with slightly warped records and improve the focus.

  • Analog Drive System (ADS) - Improves accuracy and speed adjustment.

  • Dealership - Upgrade options are limitless. Contact your dealership for more information!

JMW-9 Tonearm & Base

Signature Centerweight

Analog Drive System



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