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Reference Line

VPI Avenger

The VPI Avenger Table is the base model of our sand-box type high-end design with 3D arm and belt drive assembly.

VPI Avenger Plus
The VPI Avenger Plus adds an upgraded Fatboy tonearm, periphery ring, speed box, and rim drive assembly 
VPI Avenger Reference
The VPI Avenger Reference adds the Magnetic Drive assembly and the Avenger Reference isolation feet.
VPI Avenger Direct
The VPI Avenger Directs adds our award winning Direct Drive technology to the sand-box design of an Avenger table.
VPI Titan
Building on the legacy of the Avenger turntable, the Titan is designed to reach new levels of performance!
VPI Titan Direct
The Titan Direct is an industrial design statement turntable. Direct Drive tables and isolation/material science of 45 years
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