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VPI Scoutmaster 

Note: The VPI Scoutmaster is no longer in production but still has available upgrades.

Original Website text:


  • 2004 - Hi Fi -Product of the Year

  • 2004 - Stereophile Magazine - Runner-up Analog Product of the Year

  • 2004 - Positive Feedback Online - Product of the Year

The Scoutmaster took the best concepts of the Scout and stepped it up.  More mass, more low end!  It doubled up the chassis and added a steel center between.  At the time it had the same platter as the Aries 3 which was a thicker acrylic platter using an inverted bearing.  The Outbound motor was a 300 RPM 24 pole motor with IEC socket.  The Scoutmaster was standard with a VPI JMW 9 arm but would have the option to upgrade to the Nordost Valhalla wire.  The easiest way to tell if your Scoutmaster has a signature arm is to see what color the wire is connecting to your junction box.  If it is multi-color than it was a standard JMW 9.   If the color is silver than you have the JMW Signature arm

The feet of the Scoutmaster were the standard aluminum cones that can be found on a regular Scout.  This foot was often upgraded to the "HR-X Mini" foot which had improved isolation.  Another upgrade, was to mount a VTA on the fly base with a JMW 10 arm using an "L" Adapter.  Other upgrades were the periphery ring clamp and SDS.

As Harry Weisfeld would say, "The Scoutmaster is a Scout with a shot of testosterone for a complete musical experience."

The table stands 19" by 14" and weighs 48 pounds.

Standard features during Scoutmaster's build period:

  • 300 RPM motor in steel motor box.

  • Machined aluminum cone feet.

  • 2" thick acrylic platter on an inverted bearing.

  • Sandwiched MDF/Steel/MDF chassis

  • Machined aluminum corner posts

  • JMW 9 tonearm with adjustable VTA (not on the fly)

  • Machined Delring record clamp.

Available upgrades:

  • Machined Aluminum platter (making the table a "Scoutmaster 2")

  • HR-X Mini Feet

  • Current JMW 9 arm (no real sonic difference, just for aesthetics)

  • JMW 3D 9

  • VTA on the Fly and JMW 10

  • ADS (Analog Drive System, replaced the SDS)

  • Periphery Ring Clamp.

VPI Scoutmaster 2
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