VPI Industries Inc. is a family owned high-end audio manufacturer that was started by Sheila and Harry Weisfeld, the founders of VPI. 35 years later the company is still family owned and run by Harry and son Mathew Weisfeld

Meet Shirley Greene, our longest VPI office staff member, and grandma! During this picture, she was supposed to make her "tough guy face". However, Shirley can't help herself to keep smiling! She is independent, outspoken, and as sharp as a knife. Shirley is VPI founder Sheila Weisfeld's mom and together they ran the office for almost 35 years! Shirley also handling accounting matter, was a specialist in the HW 16.5, and writing poems!  She still helps and answers the phones on Thursdays. Anyone who wants to get caught up with this VPI Legend can give a call and ask to talk to the coolest grandma in the industry.