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VPI Super Scoutmaster Reference

After 27 years in the turntable business and the release of the HR-X we thought we had seen and done everything. Suddenly one day we were listening to the Scoutmaster and the thought hit us "This sounds so good what could we do to make it better" the end result was to cross the Scoutmaster and the HR-X producing the SuperScoutmaster or SSM as we call it. The SSM uses the most accurate motor drive in the business, the HR-X system. The massive flywheel and dual motor drive controlled by the revolutionary SDS power supply gives the smoothest rotation in the business. You can almost say that if your expensive table doesn't have a flywheel driving it, why is it so expensive?


The finishing touches are the specially designed, totally non resonant laminated chassis and the periphery ring clamp. The ring clamp lowers warp induced speed variaions to near zero making the combination of HR-X flywheel drive and perfectly level record sound like a master tape.


Before you purchase any expensive table you must compare the facts. Does it have a flywheel drive? Does it have a warp flattening system? Does it have an inverted bearing running on a silent Teflon surface? Does the speed control come from a state of he art power supply? The SSM has all of this and more.

See Harry Pearson’s rave review in the Dec/Jan 2005 issue of The Absolute Sound.

“Now here is a surprise. This, the third generation of Harry Weisfeld’s “Scout” series, borders on greatness! In its first form, it was certainly the best buy among American LP playback devices. And if you consider what you will get for extra money in this hot-rod version, the “Super” makes a fine long term investment!” — Absolute Sound Editor’s Choice Award Winner, Issue 150

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