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TNT was designed as a state of the art table to take advantage of the newly designed linear tracking air-bearing tonearms represented by the Eminent Technology, Souther, and Airtangent.  All of which required a large level tonearm board, very stable suspension, and the counter torque pullies to not be near the platter in the center.  This is why the TNT had 3 pulleys.

The chassis was made from two layers of 1” black acrylic  welded together.  The motor was a Hurst 600 RPM AC Motor driven by a PLC  (power line conditioner) power supply to set the speed accurately.  The corners were solid Delrin, machined out to mount on the chassis with damped springs internally.  Leveling was done by rotating the corner knobs on top.  The TNT was before the creation of the Periphery ring clamp therefore the platter was an 11.5" diameter platter (the periphery ring clamp will not work on this platter!)


The TNT 600 RPM motor was part of a "T" structure that was located under the chassis.  The "T" also help the other 2 pulleys the platter belt would spin around.  The TNT used 1 belt when it was in production.


Available upgrades:

  • Machined Aluminum platter (Prime Platter)

  • VTA on the Fly and JMW 10-3D

  • ADS (Analog Drive System, replaced the SDS)

  • Periphery Ring Clamp (if you have upgraded your platter to a Prime platter)

  • Stainless-steel 300 RPM motor and housing

  • HR-X Center weight

  • Deluxe stainless steel/Delrin record clamp

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