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With the improvements of American manufacturing, the TNT MK 2 was a more refined version of the original TNT.  The pulleys were made larger with higher precision bearings with tolerances that were tighter than previous VPI turntable models.  The pullies also ran 2 belts rather than 1.  In addition, the base motor “T” assembly that rested under the table was changed to 1 big acrylic piece rather than 2 pieces as it was in the original TNT.  This made the motor/pulley assembly solid with less chance of vibration and easier assembly time in production.

TNT was designed as a state of the art table to take advantage of the newly designed linear tracking air-bearing tonearms represented by the Eminent Technology, Souther, and Airtangent.  All of which required a large level tonearm board, very stable suspension, and the counter torque pullies to not be near the platter in the center.  This is why the TNT had 3 pulleys.

The chassis was made from two layers of 1” black acrylic chemically welded together.  The motor was a Hurst 600 RPM AC Motor driven by a PLC  (power line conditioner) power supply to set the speed accurately.  The corners were solid Delrin, machined out to mount on the chassis with damped springs internally.  Leveling was done by rotating the corner knobs on top.     

Below is a picture of the "T" assembly with the solid acrylic piece joining the pulleys.

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