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  • 21 lbs. stainless steel motor assembly

  • High-inertia flywheel

  • Massive laminated platter

  • Synchronous Drive System

New! TNT Mk.V Hotrod. The Hotrod comes with a JMW-12.5 tonearm directly mounted to the TNT chassis, completely eliminating the armboard. The three-pulley system is removed, and the motor drives the flywheel and the flywheel drives the platter directly.

The TNT Mk.V is the flagship of VPI's line of turntables, embodying designer Harry Weisfeld's latest thoughts on turntable design and the application of high-tech materials to analog playback.

A 21 lb. stainless steel motor assembly and high-inertia flywheel rotate the massive, laminated platter smoothly and with astonishingly low noise. The motor assembly is grounded from motor to power supply to AC power source for even quieter operation. A voltage reduction circuit reduces power to the motor once the platter is up to speed, minimizing the transmission of motor vibration to the platter. The materials comprising the platter (aluminum and lead-filled acrylic) have been carefully matched to damp unwanted vibrations in the vinyl disc. A properly-designed reflex clamping system provides vacuum-like hold down without the hassles and noise of pumps. VPI's Synchronous Drive System (included) provides accurate speed control (for both 33 1/3 and 45 RPM operation, 78 RPM available at additional cost) and power line filtration in a single package. All of this results in rumble, wow and flutter specifications below the limits of current measuring equipment.


  • Dimensions: 25"W x 19"D x 8"H (without optional dustcover)

  • Weight: Two cartons 63 lbs. each

  • Assembled unit: 117 lbs.

  • Electrical Requirements: Usable on all voltages and frequencies

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