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VPI Aries

Note: The VPI Aries is no longer in production but still has available upgrades.

Check out the review from Art Dudley in the Listener 

The Aries was the perfect choice for those looking for near-TNT performance in an HW-19 sized package. The platter, comprised of an acrylic/aluminum/lead sandwich, and the bearing, incorporating Rulon bushings, a stainless steel shaft, and a tungsten carbide thrust plate.  This was the same as used in the TNT MK-IV. The motor assembly utilized for the Aries is the same as that used in the TNT, and out bound dead quite motor, but is 1" shorter and weighs 4 lbs less.

For improved stability and damping, the Aries' chassis is made from two-inch thick MDF with a 10-gauge steel plate bonded to its underside. Three layers of polished black polyester provide a durable, attractive finish. The suspension is a combination of aluminum tiptoes and Neoprene, providing slightly less isolation than springs but resulting in greater focus and tighter bass.

The bottoms of the tiptoes are hardened steel balls.  It also came standard with a Delrin record clamp.

The Aries circular arm-board was 1" thick black acrylic and mated well sonically with the MDF chassis.  Our VPI JMW 10 with VTA on the fly base was sold as a standard option with the Aries 1.  The Aries 1 was also available without the JMW arm and a blank arm-board to have cut for any arm.  At the time of the creation for the Aries it was not made to easily handle a JMW 12 though it could be achieved through some crafty DIY skills.  This led to the future design of creating what would later become the Aries 2/Extended.  

During it's production, the Aries was often taken to the next level by adding VPI's flywheel, Synchronous Drive System, and MK-V platter and bearing.

Fun fact, the VPI Aries was named after Sheila and Harry's youngest son, Mat Weisfeld, the current president of VPI and the Aries in the family!

Existing in Production Upgrades:

  • HR-X Mini Feet


  • 2" Aluminum Platter (Prime Platter)

  • Deluxe Delrin/Stainless Stain record clamp.

  • 300 RPM stainless-steel motor house (Prime Signature Motor Housing) 

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