Utilizing reference components while keeping a performance price. Custom isolation feet, 3D Printed tonearm, and an adjustable VTA Base all in one package!

"By getting out of the way entirely, the VPI Prime simply let the cartridge do its intended job. Most other turntables make this music ‘fall’ out of the speakers, but with the VPI it just sang!"  - Alan Sircom, HiFi +

The VPI Prime is a solidly built, audiophile quality turntable utilizing modern technology including a remarkable 10” 3D printed tonearm that can accommodate a wide range of cartridges ... what more can one ask for at $4000? - Karl Sigman, Audiophilia

"The VPI elevates vinyl playback to something truly spectacular. I have listened to and used designs that cost considerably more than it does that cannot eke out a decisive advantage over this deck and I have enjoyed every second of using it." -  A/VForums


Learn some of the exciting features that make the Prime an upgraded performance turntable

Technical Specs

Want to see how  we stack up, technically speaking? Check out our measurements


JMW-10-3D Tonearm
  • 3D Printed JMW-10 Tonearm

  • Custom Isolation Feet

  • VTA Base on the Fly

  • Easy cartridge alignment

  • Interchangeable tonearms

  • Made in the USA


Technical Specifications

Chassis Composition:

Platter Type & Size:

Tonearm Included:

Motor RPM:

Motor Pulley Accuracy:

Wow and Flutter:

Speed Accuracy:



Overall Size:

Total Weight:

Vinyl Wrapped MDF and Steel

12" Aluminum, 20lbs

JMW-10-3D Tonearm

300 RPM

+/- .0005"



80 db Down

19 ½" x 13 ¾"

21 ⅜" x 15 ¾"




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Reviews & Awards


  • ​Periphery Ring Clamp - Improves record warp reduction and the shelf life of your cartridge.

  • Dual Pivot/Stabilizer Kit - Improves focus on the vocals and makes the arm easier to handle.

  • Analog Drive System (ADS) - Improves accuracy and speed adjustment.

  • Reference Feet - Improves isolation and makes it even more quiet between the notes.


Ring Clamp

Dual Pivot/

Stabilizer Kit

Analog Drive System


Reference Feet