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VPI Titan


"However, what separates the Titan from the competition is the design implementation and the quality of the materials. Take the size of the magnet, for instance. It is literally three-four times the size of the one found in the (high-end competitor's table). This gives the Titan much greater driving force which increases speed stability during the playback of complex passages." - Matej Isak

Building on the legacy of the Avenger turntable, the Titan is designed to handle up to three tonearms of any make or length. Utilizing a machined acrylic/aluminum/acrylic sandwich-design chassis on top of our pneumatic air-suspension isolation footers, the Titan is set to be the most stable, and isolation-oriented turntable in the VPI quiver of decks.

A further new design feature on the Titan is the implementation of analog-based oscillators to generate low-distortion analog sine waves for its 33/45-rpm motor assembly. According to VPI, using a regenerated AC-sine wave virtually eliminates any power line-associated noise from entering the electronic signal path. This provides pure, smooth AC power to the turntable motor.​

VPI Fatboy Gimbal 12-3D


Bearing Type: Full Gimbal Bearing

Pivot to spindle: 300 mm

Internal Wire: Nordost Reference Wire
Effective length: 313.0 mm
Effective mass: 12.5g.
Overhang: 13mm
Offset angle: 17.37 degrees
Average RMS distortion: 0.267%

Material: 3D Technology Consisting of but not limited to Epoxy resin and Delrin materials, copper, aluminum, and steel 

Product Notes: Adjustable Counterweight, Azimuth side weights, VTA, and Limo Connection.

Available Upgrades:

  • Additional Tonearms

  • Additional Arm boards for third-party arms

Technical Specifications


Chassis Composition: Aluminum and machined acrylic

Platter Type & Size: 12" Aluminum Platter, 25LBS

Tonearm Included: Fatboy Gimbal 12-3D

Motor: 300 RPM, 24 pole, AC synchronous motor

Wow and flutter:  .03%

Speed Accuracy:   .04%

Rumble: 82db down

Footprint: 23" x 20"

Overall Size:  27" x 23" x 15"

Total Weight: 110 lbs

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