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VPI Cartridges

VPI Shirley


VPI unfortunately lost their VPI Grandma, Shirley Green who has been with the company since the beginning. 

VPI Goldy

The Goldy is another VPI - Audio Technica partnership product. Using the award-winning AT-OC9 series as a base with VPI’s voicing,

VPI Shyla

Shyla boasts all the elements that make both Audio-Technica and VPI renowned names in the high-end industry for decades.

VPI Bloodwood

Based off the Miyajima Takumi, voiced by VPI with a special limited Anniversary "Blood Wood" Body.

Van Den Hul Cartridges

VDH Frog Gold

Hand-Built van den Hul Frog Gold Moving-Coil Phono Cartridge Minimizes Surface Noise: Extracts Ravishing Tonal Colors

AVDHMC1 (2).jpg
VDH MC-One Special

Superb Detail Retrieval, Luscious Detail, Soulful Overall Performance: Hand-Built VDH MC-One Special Moving-Coil Phono 

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