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CAF 2019 - 3:00 AM Press Release!


VPI Is proud to return to Capital Audiofest to continue the 40th Anniversary Celebration! Last year we launched our Limited Anniversary HW-40 Direct Drive Turntable and moved the needle on Direct Drive Technology! The HW-40 was a tribute to our first VPI product and the journey VPI has made over the past 40 years.

This year we are launching a full assault on the limits of technology and engineering in the High-End Audio! We will send a separate release to go live after our Press Event Friday.

We would like to invite all members of the press to join us Friday morning at 10 AM in the Jefferson Room at the Capital Audiofest to be the first to experience our next evolution on the Reference State-of-the-Art level.

We also want to proudly announce our CAF 2019 partners and where you can find VPI turntables. One partner and friend to VPI is industry new comer Audioshield! In a short period, they become one of the respected names in the industry with their top of the line dustcovers. CAF 2019 will mark their debut as a distributor of High-End Audio Equipment and Accessories. Audio shield represents Credo Speakers from Switzerland, EMM Labs, Falkenor Stands, and Voxativ. In addition, at CAF 2019 he is wired with Kimber Cables and spinning one of the debut VPI Turntables with DS Audio cartridge.

Adams – VPI Vanquish with KEF, Krell, Nordost

Jefferson – VPI Vanquish with Genesis Speakers, Merrill, Nordost

Madison – VPI Vanquish with EMM Labs, Credo, DS Audio, Kimber Kable

Democracy – VPI Direct Drive Motor with Robyatt

Monroe – VPI HW-40 with Gingko Audio

Library – VPI Prime Scout with Just Audio

Randolph – VPI Prime Signature, Daedalus, Modwright, WyWire

Montrose – VPI Avenger Reference with Odyssey

Truman – VPI HW-40 with CAT, Essential Sound System, KEF

Booth 24 – VPI Prime with Bob’s Devices

Room 238 – VPI HW-40 with Leesburg Listening

Room 242 – VPI HW-40 with Leesburg Listening

Room 315 – VPI Prime Signature with Tenacious Audio, Eggelston

Room 406 – VPI HW-40 with Distinctive Stereo, Genesis Speakers, Merrill

Room 422 – VPI Prime with Sweet Vinyl

Room 424 – VPI Prime with Pureaudio project, Pass Labs, Voxativ

Room 550 – VPI Prime Signature with Overture

Room 504 – VPI HW-40 with Arion Audio

Room 523 – VPI HW-40 with MC Audio Tech

Plaza 2 – VPI Cleaning Machines with Tenacious Sound

See you all there!

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