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Capital Audiofest 2023

The East Coast Premier Audio Show, Capital Audiofest featuring VPI Titan Direct.
Capital Audiofest

Capital Audiofest 2023 is upon us and VPI is excited to announce and debut a number of different products at the show. From turntables to electronics, it will be filled with unique opportunities to help people join the VPI family. With it is a Cliffwood, a Signature, or something a bit more "mini" there is something for everyone in the VPI family.

We will be revealing more information in the upcoming weeks regarding a proper press release and the partnering products/brands we will be with at the show. One thing is certain, we will be featuring our new VPI Titan Direct Drive for its first public showing in America.

See you all at Capital!

Titan Direct at Capital Audiofest 2023
Titan Direct


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