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Axpona 2024 Turntable with Michael Fremer and VPI

VPI Industries had the pleasure of being part of an exceptional turntable training session led by none other than Michael Fremer. With our VPI Scout turntable as the educational centerpiece, Fremer offered a masterclass in turntable setup.

Throughout the session, Fremer meticulously covered a wide array of topics essential to turntable setup and calibration. From discussing "best practices" to diving into the nuances of cartridge mounting, vertical tracking force, and vertical tracking angle, participants were treated to a comprehensive overview of the intricacies of vinyl playback.

One of the highlights of the training was Fremer's in-depth exploration of the parts and accessories commonly included in turntable boxes. By dissecting these components and elucidating their significance, attendees gained valuable insights into the mechanics behind optimal sound reproduction and the tools they might want to consider before diving into their own setup.

Moreover, Fremer's demonstration and explanation of the Wally Tool added an extra layer of accuracy to the session. Attendees were able to grasp the importance of precision alignment in achieving superior audio fidelity.

As a company deeply invested in advancing the music industry, VPI Industries values opportunities for continuous learning and development. We always appreciate contributing meaningfully to the broader community of audio enthusiasts. We also had Mat from VPI on hand to help out through the experience.

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have been involved in such an educational experience at the Axpona Show. With a continued commitment to sharing our passion and expertise, we look forward to further enriching the turntable community and industry as a whole.


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