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Never Forget 9-11-01

While I have a lot to celebrate today, there is also a lot to remember.

Every year I repost what I felt, experienced, and where I was on this day 22 years ago to help all of us remember 911.

I was in my second period Math Class at Holmdel High School when the news hit. I was writing a note to someone when the PA came on. My teacher shook us up by panicking the class and essentially telling us how we are all going to die. Even though I knew my parents were in Cliffwood making turntables, I made sure to get a hold of them to make sure everyone was ok. Later in the day there was visible smoke in the sky and everyone was struggling to make contact with their family.

At night I taught my Karate classes and gave the students the most positive/energetic classes I could. No idea if the karate was any good that night, but everyone needed the high energy motivational vibe (including myself).

It's been 22 years. Don't forget the people who lost their lives going to work and the people who went to work to save them. Stay healthy and safe everyone.


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