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Player with Riva at CES 2017

One cool room to hang in at any show is always with the Riva team! Being a quick, easy, and complimentary combo, the VPI Player and Riva products have been a match made in heaven at this year's CES 2017. So much so that the VPI office is loaded with Riva Turbos! This year at CES Riva showed a maple vinyl finish Player with their new Arena speaker. The Arena is robust, wireless, and works seamlessly with the Player.

The Arena (seen above) with the VPI Player has active drivers powered by 50 watts. In addition, an optional, rechargeable battery pack which can be attached to the base of the speaker to provide 16 hours of operation at a level of 75 dB. This gives you the ability to listen to your records on the go!

The Arena lists for $249, and the battery adds $99; both are said to be coming soon.

Another reason to go to the Riva room is to hang out with Rock and Roll star and audio engineer Rikki Farr. Rikki has the best stories and experience in the audio industry and possibly more energy than a teenager at Isle of Wight Concert! Rikki, like us at VPI, appreciate great music and creating an environment for more young listeners to join in the fun!

We also want to extend a congratulation to Riva on being a CES 2017 Honoree for the Innovation Award!

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