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VPI with Acora, VAC, Cardas and More, FLAX 24

Another fantastic experience at the Florida International Audio EXPO, where audio enthusiasts from around the world gather to experience the latest innovations in sound technology. In this report, we will delve into the exceptional offerings by Acora Acoustic speakers, VAC electronics, Cardas Audio cables, and the VPI Titan Direct turntable. 

Acora Acoustic speakers truly stood out at the expo, capturing the attention of audiophiles with their exceptional sound reproduction and visual beauty. The Acora’s easily filled the room with an immersive and natural sound, transporting listeners into a world of musical bliss. Acora Acoustic speakers showcased their commitment to delivering unparalleled audio quality. Especially with the exotic choice of their new Brazilian Granite for its finish. 

Also featuring electronics from our friends at VAC as another top shelf company showcasing, as well as with Cardas Audio the greatest in American Made products.  Speaking of Cardas, their cables provided a transparent and robust connection, allowing for enhanced and clean signal flow and sound. Clearly contributing to the detailed sound, further complementing the natural ambiance of the room.

The VPI Titan Direct paired with the Hana Umami Red brought in the analog side of the music spinning through everytrack.   The VPI Titan Direct turntable mesmerized and captivated listeners throughout the expo. We appreciate everyone who came together to enjoy the music at the Florida International Audio EXPO.  Below is a detailed list of all components used in the room during the demonstrations: 

  • VPI’s VPI Titan Direct turntable with one tonearm ($60,000) paired with a Hana Umami Red MC cartridge ($3950);

  • An Aurender N30SA Reference music server ($25,000) and LampizatOr Poseidon DAC ($23,000);

  • A VAC Statement Phono Stage ($80,000) feeding a VAC Statement linestage ($80,000), on to a pair of VAC Statement 450 iQ amplifiers ($67,000/each);

  • A pair of Acora Acoustics VRC-1 loudspeakers in "Sunset Fire" granite ($218,000/pair).

  • Cabling by Cardas including Cardas Clear Beyond interconnects ($5050/1m pair), Clear Speaker cables ($5275/2.5m pair), Clear Beyond power cables ($2965 2m), Clear Digital coax 75 ohm ($800 1.5m), and a Cardas Nautilus power strip ($1200).

About VPI:

VPI is a leading manufacturer of high-end turntables and accessories. With a legacy spanning over four decades, VPI has consistently pushed the boundaries of audio innovation, delivering exceptional turntables that are celebrated by audiophiles worldwide. Each VPI turntable is handcrafted in the USA with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring an unparalleled vinyl playback experience.

Media Contact:

Bill Poteet

Sales and Marketing Director

VPI Industries

Phone: 757-763-9427


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