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Montreal Audio Fest 2017

Salon Audio Montreal Audio Fest

Last year was our fist time attending the Montréal Salon Audio / Audio Fest! We had such a great time that this time we are coming back and bringing a Titan! VPI founder and former president Harry Weisfeld will be attending the Montréal Salon Audio / Audio Fest show. We will also be bringing a Titan with us! The VPI Titan was made as a collaboration ultra high-end turntable between Harry and current president and son Mat Weisfeld.

VPI Titan

VPI Titan - Leonard Room

VPI will be making music with Joseph Audio, Transparent Cable and MOON by Simaudio in the St Leonard room. This was a combination that was a crowd favorite at the show last year and this time all companies are stepping up their game and bringing reference level equipment!

  • Joseph Audio Pear 3 Speakers

  • Transparent Cable

  • MOON 740P Preamplifier

  • MOON 820S Power supply

  • MOON 810LP Phono preamp

  • MOON 880M Mono amplifiers

  • Grado Statement 2

  • Kiseki purple heart

  • Lyra Etna

VPI Avenger with Bleu Stereo - Room 1233

Bleu Stereo

In room 1233 with our VPI Canada representative, Bleu Stéréo, VPI will be showing the Avenger with Balanced Audio Technology, Elac, Isotek, Mofi, and Luna Cables. Led by Dany Poulin, Bleu Stéréo has improved the presence of VPI product in Canada and dealer representation. We are excited to have our first show together with this positive new partnership.

VPI with Tru-lift - Kiosque

In addition Tru-lift, a turntable's best friend, will be showing how their products compliment a VPI and all turntables out there.


VPI... something new? You vote!

There will also be something extra special at the show where consumers can vote on the potential of a VPI product and whether it should be made. It is a potential product that was inspired by the people and would be made for the people!


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