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DIY VPI - Harmony 1 TT

This was posted in the "I Love my VPI Turntable" group on facebook by Kenny Fleshman and we love the project! Take a look at what you can do from a DIY stand point with VPI DNA:

"I was reticent about posting this here - wasn't sure if it would be seen as a cool effort or an abomination!

When I bought my Traveler it was a big leap up from my Music Hall mmf 2.2 - both in performance and money. But it had plenty of problems (delaminating plinth, loose bearings, motor noise) so I'm sure that's why it was quickly orphaned.

I always thought it needed more visual weight so I considered building a plinth. But if I was going to go to all that trouble...

I had four goals in this fabrication:

1) Multiple tone arm capability 2) Decoupling the motor 3) Not modify the VPI parts 4) Be visually striking

This is a working prototype that I have been working on for months and I finished this weekend. It's made of MDF, cardboard tube & cork. It plays perfectly - 33 1/3, great soundstage, a little fuller bass and very quiet.

The finished model will be made of furniture grade maple plywood and aluminum plate & tube.

It can theoretically take four arms and because of the design it doesn't matter the make of arm. I used the motor, platter, bearing, tone arms and mounts and the feet. I had to fabricate the junction box.

I figure if the Runwell Shinola can be a VPI then so can the Harmony 1 TT"

Happy tweaking and building Kenny! We can't wait to see the final product.

Note: This is NOT an official VPI product but is using official VPI parts and VPI supports the creative intuitive nature of this product.

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