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First Day of Axpona Highlights

Axpona has gotten larger each year with this year looking to break the record! You can tell by the amount of attendees playing hooky from work on a Friday morning. For exhibitors, Friday is acceptable for final setup, tweeks, and adjustments for their room. No one is usually there yet anyway! This year when the clock striked 10 AM the rooms filled with excited music lovers. This can rough when you have 20-22 VPI turntables to setup. We are proud to have so many turntables on display with fantastic partnering companies! However, I wish I had more hands and hours to get to all of them. I regret not have Jane (my lovely and capable better half) and Marc (not as lovely but still loveable and capable) to help me with all of the setups. Though, John from Audioshield has been a great help! Here are some highlights from day one.

Win a FREE VPI Nomad from Holm Audio in the Market Place

Make sure to swing by the marketplace at Axpona for your chance to win a free VPI Nomad from Holm Audio. The Nomad has been replaced with the VPI player but still stands as a superb way to get into the VPI family and enjoy your music.

Rosewood so Good in LL Banks

The VPI Prime Signature in Rosewood is flat out gorgeous! We have been loving listening and looking at the LL Banks room! Make sure to swing down to the basement to check it out.

Cartridge Seminar with Analog Planet

Want to learn more about your turntable setup? Make sure to catch Michael Fremer from Analog Planet turntable demonstration with the new VPI Prime Scout. Today at 1 o'clock at Axpona.

Perfect Picture from Audio Solutions

VPI and Mark Levinson dealer Audio Solutions has a picture perfect setup both in appearance and sound in Rosemont for with our new Mark Levinson No 515. Definitely a spot to check out if you're at the show.

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