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Stillpoints and VPI Avenger at Axpona 2017

Stillpoints room treatment with VPI Avenger

When exhibiting at an audio show everyone has the same complaint, "this darn room sounds terrible... there is nothing I can do with this room! Damn this hotel and their terrible room treatment..." Not with the pros at Stillpoints! There is no hotel room they can't turn into an acoustic masterpiece in both sound and appearance. This year at Axpona 2017 they brought an Avenger with JMW 3D arm mounted using a bunch of Stillpoint accessories.

Stillpoints isolation puck under the VPI Avenger feet and motor

Stillpoints was using their room treatment panels which can be printed with any graphic on it including company logos. It was mounted in the back and sides of the room to keep from having any distorting reflections in the sound. For isolation purposes Stillpoint propped up their Avenger on some of their machined pucks. This cleaned up the noise floor and gave the audiophile passerby the ability to bang into the table, without anything skipping a beat?

Stillpoints record weight on the VPI Avenger

Topped off, Stillpoint used their record weight instead of the VPI center weight. We are big fans of their record weight and often use/recommend it as a solid substitute for our record weight.

My favorite part about Stillpoints is Bruce Jacobs! He is not just an engineer, he is a teacher! I have had the chance to share demonstrations with him in Hong Kong and he explains the importance of room treatment, reflective vs absorbent material, and other nuances that have a major impact on a room. I've adjusted my room treatment based off of Bruce's advice and it made a world of difference. Very happy VPI was able to spin with Stillpint and the other partnered equipment at Axpona!

(To be honest, I was moving so fast I missed the rest of the gear they were using so if anyone knows please share in the comments below and I will gladly at it to the article!)

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