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The Man Behind the Prime Scout

Today is a bitter sweet day for VPI! We are proud of our very own, Tom, for getting accepted into a program that is the next direction for his new path in life. Tom originally started as a part-time intern at VPI who clearly liked music (previously worked at a record store) and loved making turntables. Tom was instrumental in developing our repair department as well as our transition to "Lean Manufacturing". His main job was building, testing, and boxing Scouts and eventually the Prime Scout. Every Prime Scout in the world made up to today has been built by Tom and we couldn't have had such a strong and successful start without him. We all want to wish Tom luck on his new venture and hope one day to have him back on the floor building turntables again!

From his VPI Bio:

"Meet Tom Moscinski, Turntable Technician and emerging Service Manager. Tom has been building turntables with us for a little over two years and has become a vital part of the production floor team. Focusing mainly on Scout type turntables, Tom also handles warehouse duties and the service and repair department. Tom wasn’t chosen for service, he stepped up, got the job done, and made it his own. Tom is always quick to help, learn, and execute any job with an accommodating and positive attitude."

His favorite whiskey is Maker's Mark so we ask everyone to raise a glass while they listen to their Scout or Prime Scout and toast our VPI Family member Tom!

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