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Event at Stereo Exchange

It has been a long road for Stereo Exchange in their adventure to finding a new home, but they certainly have found it! In their new studio loft they had their first event since their grand opening and the room was packed! The loft showroom has a wide range of products and price ranges for all customers, especially looking for New York City friendly set-ups. We really liked that David Wasserman, owner of Stereo Exchange, made the decision to showcase affordable/entry level products with a lot of sound to go with the reasonable price tag.

While they have a variety of brands the ones featured for the event were our friends at Totem Acoustics, Rogue Audio, and Transparent Cable with our VPI Cliffwood turntable. This system make up is very similar to the affordable combination we have in our own demo room and what was used at CES. This is a large room and the modest system had no problem filling it with quality sound.

After a few records on the modest system and hearing keynote presentations from all of the mentioned companies, we turned the chairs around to the next level up for all of the respective brands. The two different levels of systems gave the listeners a chance to hear where they could start on their audio journey and where they could eventually grow into.

Side note, as the whole VPI team walked in the door we all looked at each other and realized we left our records back in New Jersey! This led to a quick adventure to a record store down the street which I will save for another post. Let this be a lesson to all, never leave home without your records, or you might find yourself buying even more! (that is not a bad thing!)

All in all the event was another Stereo Exchange success and captured the goal of bringing customers closer to music and having first hand conversations with key people from each respective company. Events like this are the best to make new friends and connections in the industry. We are excited and proud of the home for Stereo Exchange and look forward to many more events in the future!

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