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Academy Records Saves the Day!

This post is about the unsung heroes of this industry, the Record Stores! Without the records/software we would have no software to drive this industry. The record pressing companies have been pushing their production level to the max with new releases and reissues! You can walk into any record store and find the new release of your favorite artist or thumb through the dollar bin to search for hidden treasure.

Recently we had an event with one of our New York Dealers, Stereo Exchange. You can click here to read more about that event. The VPI team walked in, setup the system, had a chance to grab a black and white cookie when we realized we left all of our demo records back in New Jersey! Every time we go to an audio show, dealer event, or demonstration we like to bring a flavor of what we like and listen to. Never fear, Academy records is here!

In walking distance, we made our way to Academy Records which must have been strange to have a whole team of VPI guys walk in at the same time. It might have seemed like we were there for and audio hit-job! We were warmly welcomed by the staff and encouraged to check it out. Immediately my staff team members Marc and Ari vanished into record bins along with Harry who we still haven’t seen or heard from!

What really blew my mind was walking to the back and spotting a VPI HW-19 with a VPI 20th Anniversary emblem on it! It made our day to have such a positive spur of the moment record purchasing experience and see one of our original tables in daily use.

Major thanks to Academy Records for saving the day! Everyone at the Stereo Exchange event loved the music we brought from the store!

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