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Modwright, Daedalus, Wywire, Viva Hi-Fi with the Prime Signature at Axpona 2018

We might have a Titan in our product line up but these three companies are the real Titans when it comes music and audio shows! (Why haven't I sent you guys a Titan yet?) To the customers audio shows are a time to meet the manufacturers who are not faceless conglomerates, see and listen to new products they might not have access to, and see/meet fellow music lovers! For the manufacturer audio shows (can be) absolute chaos! "Our gear still hasn't been delivered to the hotel?"... "They delivered half of our gear, and the other half on a different floor!"... "What do you mean we can't move that ****ing tables in our room?" These are all actual quotes and troubles that can happen at a show and led to a complete disturbance in the force for a showing room. Not for the Modwright, Daedalus Audio, and Wywire team with some help from Viva Hi-Fi! They have become such a fine oiled machine there is no obstacle or room they can't bring alive with music.

Using a VPI Prime Signature, I walked into their room at Axpona during set-up early on Thursday and team was already playing music using a Dynavector cartridge! First needle drop they were ahead of the game with their baseline of sound quality already hitting the mark. Of course there is always fine adjusting and strange noises to diagnose thanks to hotel gremlins but nothing to worry about for this crew.

I've mentioned in previous posts but have to always come back and highlight the wood craftsmanship of Daedalus audio and the smart collaboration with Modwright in creating those beautiful Ambrose A30 Monoblocks. They don't just look gorgeous, they also feed Daedalus' speakers efficiently and musically.

One day I will go to an audio-show incognito so I won't have to worry about seminars or table set-ups. I will setup camp in the Modwright, Daedalus, and Wywire power room for the whole show and leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

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