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VPI with Joseph Audio, Cardas, and More at Montreal Audiofest 2019!

Another trip across the boarder to the Montreal Show! We first joined the Montreal Show, many years ago, when partnering up with Joseph Audio and their impressive Pulsar Speakers. The Pulsars have proven to be a dynamic, realistic speaker that works in almost every room! We have used them both at other shows and our own listening room; but, we have yet to find a room/room shape the Pulsars don’t musically work with.

This year, that experience was elevated even more with Jeff bringing and debuting his new Pulsar 2 speakers. Musically, they did everything the original speakers did and then some! With a fuller sound and kick drum in the room, it leaves you asking yourself: “How are these speakers not floor standing with that punch?”

Jeff and Harry were in their glory days as they spun their vinyl records on our direct drive. They both brought along our new Anniversary Limited Edition HW-40 turntable and made Reel-to-reel musical comparisons.

The first day, we gave the industry a teaser, with our new protype cartridge Manufactured by Miyajima Labs. OEM products aren’t a norm for Miyajima; but, Noriyuki and Harry were excited to make this labor of love for the 40th Anniversary year. The cartridge features a boron cantilever with elliptical styles at.3mV output that has a threaded cocobolo wood body. The plan is to do a limited 100 anniversary cartridge run; but, the retail price is still being determined.

The rest of the system included Cardas Cables, the VPI Voyager, and the Alluxity Integrated amplifier. The second day, we switched out the Miyajima and threw on the Audio Technica ART-1000, which is slowly becoming the HW-40's favorite combination. The room was constantly filled and kept everyone’s foot tapping for more! We are already excited for next year's show!

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