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VPI Distribution of Van den Hul Cartridges

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (Seriously why does every news post say that? It is posted on the internet so clearly it is meant to be shared... OK we are getting side tracked here...)


VPI is proud to announce the distribution of Van den Hul cartridges. Distribution is something we rarely get involved with but on occasion when there is an opportunity with a brand we believe in VPI is happy to provide access to that brand for the US! In this case it was especially easy since Van den Hul was the high-end cartridge brand of choice in the early days of VPI and VPI tonearm design.

Van den Hul cartridges were often featured on our TNT Turntable at Audio Shows and the Van den Hul Frog was one of Harry Weisfeld's personal cartridges for his home listening (I guess we shouldn't have a problem getting it re-tipped now!)

Van den Hul cartridges will be available and your local participating VPI Dealers as well as current Van den Hul Dealers. More details and information to follow on our website.

Distribution of Van den Hul electronics and cables will continue to be through our friends at Finest Fidelity.

Feel free to email us directly at with any additional questions.

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