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VPI's Fight Against COVID-19

Due to the fight against COVID-19 VPI has retooled production operations to making essential supplies for medical providers, first responders, and individuals in need. Originally we were focused on making hand santizer in small batches until we became aware of the massive demand for these medical items among local hospitals. We have since expanded to creating Face Shields and Aerosol Boxes/Intubation Hoods for the medical field. Our partners in 3D printing have confirmed all machines for our 3D arms/Fatboys have changed over to printing ventilator components and other essential components.

Having delivered over 1,000 bottles of 30mL sanitizer we continue to keep a steady production that is prioritized for first responders and medical care providers as well as individuals in need. We are supplying individuals who send email requests and are fulfilling through shipping or delivery.

For those close to our factory we have setup social distance safe station for scheduled pickups. Our santizer follows and is made by FDA approved guidelines to ensure everyone's safety in regular use.

We are also excited to be in full swing in producing and providing medical shields for local hospitals. We have delivered over 100 Face Shields to date with plans to ramp up production to hit greater numbers forour medical providers. The doctors, nurses, and first responders who are on the front lines of COVID-19 are the heros making us safe. They need the equipment and supply to support them

We are providing these items free of charge and plan to continue so as long as possible. Over the past two weeks people have asked how they can help in the fight. When you stay home you are doing your part in this battle.

We are also accepting donations which will go towards the expenses of the following items VPI has been building and distributing:

  • 30mL Hand Sanatizer

  • Face Shields

  • Aerosol Box/Intubation Hood

Donations are not necessary but greatly appreciated in our fight together against COVID-19

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