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Re-Launching VPI, Life, and More!

We are very proud to re-launch our website with new features and more information than ever. During the next week while content continues to migrate we will have all original blog posts back up and a lot of other archived information. One of the more exciting points is the archived information recovered from our former forum. We have not given up on restoring or creating a new forum, but for now we are keeping our attention on the most important thing, of new child! At this point Jane, my wife and Office Manage is due with our new son any day. At the moment that is my only priority.

What has been more important to me over the last few years has been the journey, both good and bad that we have all gone through. COVID happened, a global pandemic, social pressure and strains, supply chain problems, and a whole lot of mental health issues for many people out there and still today.

Going into 2019 I was a new parent who didn't really have a full grasp on what that meant (not like any of us ever really figure that out). We had a solid staff which I thought would be our team for the next 20 years, and we had a whole new product line ready to roll out.

Than the world changed and I took a major step back from it all. We lost many staff members because of the situation. I went through the same behind the scene struggles as anyone else but any business owner knows you don't have the luxury of shutting down (physically or mentally). However, I was very lucky to have my amazing wife, children, dad, and family. I was lucky to be pulled back into Karate and developed my school which helped me find and keep the balance. I focused on us creating PPE supplies. I focused on taking care of my family and figuring out what happens next. Plans went out the window and everyday was another problem. And together we solved it. Than we found ourselves getting very good at solving problems and pushing forward no matter the obstacle. Heck I even ran for public office which gave me a heck of a lesson in the lack of human morality, but I digress.

I'm proud of our team and every member who has been part of the journey. I'm even proud of the bad situations. They were valuable learning experiences that taught and helped us more than I could imagine. I'm excited to put myself back on the frontlines of VPI as we start writing this next chapter. Proudly Made in America, so everyone buckle up because we are just starting with VPI... Forever.


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