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VPI Family Spotlight - Brian Prichard

The following is a shared post by a VPI Family member/turntable owner who talks more about his journey and the people who helped him get there. On a personal side note, I feel that same connection and it lights up the world when I see others have that same love and excitement! Thanks Brian for sharing your story and being part of the VPI Family!


I saw what I think is a pretty cool post by Michael Miller. He posted a picture of David Gilmour - Live in Gdańsk and noted this was his first ever post at I love my VPI turntable.

So it got me to thinking about my first ever post. I did not own a VPI at the time. I had had my eye on my current turntable a VPI Prime Signature, but as a novice (and I still am compared to many, many in this group) I was lost. I private messaged some guy in another facebook group about his beautiful set up, but was interested specifically in his component rack. Turns out he had the Prime Signature as well. That was in December 2019 and that was none other than Anthony Patrick who referred me to this group.

I joined on March 6, 2020, but I was a troll. I scoped around the group for a couple weeks as I was ready to pull the trigger on the Prime, but then I started to get cold feet. Everyone was so knowledgeable, customizing, doing various tweaks to their system.

So my first post at I love my VPI turntable wasn't a picture, it was about having "cold feet". I didn't go way back to look at my first post to see exactly what I wrote, but it was more or less about just wanting to listen to music and not have to mess around with tweaking, adjustments, etc.

What I got from the members here was nothing but support. I remember some of the members who offered their support that day, Doug Morris , Brian Pavlovitz (who I haven't seen any post from in a while) and Mat Weisfeld (who suggested the Gimbal Tonearm for simplicity). They pretty much let me know that once it was set up I'd be pretty much good-to-go and if I needed assistance the group would be here. I know there were others that encouraged me and assited with removing any doubts and I apologize for not recalling them all. I just want to say thank you. My enjoyment of listening to music is now way beyond my expectations. Not to mention, I was connected through this group with Jeff Harris who has assisted me with the utmost patience, not to mention getting a few dollars from me. Thank you Jeff.

All this brings me back to Michael Miller's post. The first picture I ever posted happened on April 4, 2020. I'll never forget it. My VPI arrived that day. The cartridge shifted in transport with no damage. Jeff Harris assisted with resetting it. I used BETH ORTON - Trailer Park (1996) Plain Recordings {plain149} (2010 reissue) as the set up album (see picture below). However I had previously (before having the VPI) told myself If I ever get a VPI the first album I want to listen to is SPIRIT ADRIFT - Divided By Darkness (2019) 20 Buck Spin {SPIN115}. I actually didn't finish the Beth Orton album, once set up was complete I fulfilled my own wishes, but failed to take a snap shot. In 2021 I didn't forget the picture when listening to it for a second spin on the VPI (see picture below). My system has changed quite a bit since I joined March 6, 2020, but it's been worth every penny.

GROUP MEMBERS - If you remember the FIRST EVER album you listened to on your VPI can you post a picture in my post. Doesn't have to be your original picture, just the album. And, it just might get you to pull that album out again and take it for a spin. Just might bring back some AWESOME MEMORIES. I my VPI Turntable.


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