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VPI House Event with MC Audiotech, Van Den Hul, Audio Research, Nordost, and More!

We had a fantastic time this past weekend at the VPI House!  Hosting our friends at MC Audiotech for the New Jersey and New York Audio Society, everyone had a closer look at their new speakers TL-12 Speaker.

TL-12 Speaker:

We are pleased to introduce our newest loudspeaker, the TL-12. It is based upon our wide band line source drivers. In this case we have coupled these devices to at 12” Transmission Line woofer. The system is a dipole from 300 Hz to 20, 000 KHz. This is a full range system with excellent imaging and fast, high-definition detail throughout the range! The system is easily driven by almost any amp above 70 watts and can fill all except the largest rooms with ease.

Showcasing our new Red Dragon Turntable with our friends at Audio Research Corporation Nordost Cables and Van den Hul USA. The Red Dragon features our 3D Gimbal tonearm, layered resonance canceling chassis, isolation feet, and build in speed box.

On the front end of our system we spun with our Van Den Hul Frog Gold which has always been a VPI favorite for performance and value. We appreciate Mark Conti from MC Audiotech coming out to speak more about their product and design. The system is together and ready for demo for all interested in hearing this setup.


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