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Shinola Runwell at CES 2017

There was always an assumption that the Shinola Runwell would be well received by the lifestyle and standard customers of Shinola products. What was not assumed was how the high-end audiophile music lover would react. The Runwell shares both VPI and Shinola DNA making it the perfect product to accommodate both audiences. From the initial announcement of the Shinola Runwell we received positive feedback from both walks of life but this was reinforced at this year’s 2017 Consumer Electronics Show!

Partnered with Roger’s High Fidelity, Transparent Cables, and Egglestonworks works, the Shinola Runwell was the final piece to bring this Made in America system together. The system was put together to be an easy to use, high-end experience for under $10,000. Having an i-pad user interface, the Roger's EHF-100 MK2 Integrated Amplifier made usability a pleasure. It gives the user the ability to operate the whole system from the comfort of his or her chair. It was convenient for us at CES being able to raise and lower the volume while customers were checking out and asking questions about the system.

To demonstrate how robust the Shinola Runwell turntable is I did my usual durability demonstration of removing the tonearm and slamming the bearings against the table. After repetitively hitting the tonearm I put it back onto the turntable to continue playing without skipping a beat. It was a happy accident that all units had similar matching finishes to nail the looks and sound of quality high-end, yet affordable system and those Egglestonworks speakers know how to fill a room! More importantly is having partners in sound that enjoy making music together! The members of all camps are dedicated to quality, performance, customer service, making music, and loving the journey in doing so. VPI is already looking forward to the next time this system gets to play together!

VPI Jane and Transparent's Jon Zimmer

VPI's Jane Weisfeld and Transparent's Jon Zimmer

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