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Burwell, Rogers, and more with a rare HW Classic in Rosewood at Axpona room 518

More Rosewood at this show than ever before! The same HW Classic (Classic 4) used at Rocky Mountain has come back out to make more music with Burwell and Sons, Roger's High Fidelity, Ortofon, Snake River Audio, and Audio Vault USA.

This will all be in Chicago at the Axpona show April 19-21 in room 518.

The Burwell's are displaying their Mother of Burl vintage Altec/JBL 3 way horn speakers along with their Single Jack Sub-Woofer package. In addition to the Burwell's Homage Series speakers, they've invited a fantastic group of manufactures to complete a beautifully musical, high performance all made in the USA sound system.

Rogers High Fidelity has brought along their EHF-100 MK2 integrated tube amplifier and the PA-1A six tube all analog phono stage. The sound produced by EHF-100 MK2 in testing was beyond incredible ! The build quality is exceptional, all the way down to the rather substantial yet beautifully simple remote control. Experts can judge the performance of the gear, but there's no question that Roger Gibboni and Rob Pleyer are two 1st class individuals. Rob will be available to discuss their unique product line, Rogers High Fidelity will also be showing the latest model to the product line called the 65V-1 which uses EL-34 tubes and is iPad controlled using Bluetooth wireless connection.

VPI has been gracious enough to loan the Burwell's a HW Classic turntable with dual tonearms. The HW Classic will bring to the room a perfect balance of clean sound and fidelity, Mat Weisfeld deserves a lot of respect for helping take a great company to even higher levels while upholding family values and American manufacturing standards of excellence. We expect Mat to make an appearance occasionally throughout the show in Burwell room 518.

Ortofon builds magnificent cartridges, and "Dee" Hustinova from Ortofon has supplied two cartridges to hear playing on the Classic VPI turntable. It should make for some fun comparisons.

Snake River Audio will provide their world class cables. From interconnects to power cables, to speaker cables, Jonny Wilson managed to put together quite a package for the room, including their Signature Series interconnects, so expect to hear great things. The Burwell's would like to express their appreciation for all his help.

Audio Vault USA has once again provided one of their beautiful equipment racks to display all this fantastic gear. Stout and elegant, one of the most compelling features of their design is the versatility and nearly unlimited numbers of configurations available. James Wall and Dave Vincent have been a pleasure to work with the setup product and design of room 518.

In addition to all the analogue sources, the digital source from J Rivers via a Mytek Brooklyn DAC.

Price lists for all equipment MSRP:

Burwell and Sons Homage Series "Mother Of Burl" 3 way loudspeakers $80,000

Burwell and Sons Single Jack Sub Woofer Package $9,500

Rogers High Fidelity EHF-100 MK2 Integrated Amplifier $8,000

Rogers High Fidelity PA-1A Phono Stage Pre amp $7,300

VPI Dual Tonearm HW Classic Turntable $15,000

Ortofon Quintet Red $346

Ortofon Quintet Black $999

Snake River Audio Signature Series 1 meter RCA interconnects. 5x @ $1695 $8,475

Snake River Audio Signature Series # meter speaker cables. 4x @ $2,095 $8,380

Snake River Audio Signature Series power cables 6x @ $1545 $9,270

Audio Vault USA equipment rack $4,000

Total System $151,270

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