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Next Stop Portland! Fred's Sound of Music May 7th

This weekend I'm going to be traveling to Seattle to introduce our two new dealers, Kosmic High Performance Audio, and Gig Harbor Audio. I realized it is only a stone throw away (3 hour drive) to one of our long standing dealers, Fred's Sound of Music. Fred's Sound has been part of the VPI family for over 20 years and knows their turntables! We have a great relationship and VPI staff members could spend all day on the phone with them. My mom Sheila would do just that with Bill White as a proud mother sharing way too much information about me. We are way overdue for a visit and Dealer Event so while I'm touring the area lets add one more to the dance card! Time to go for broke and make it to Portland to keep the VPI momentum in the area going! If anyone is in the Portland area May 7th make sure to come by Fred's Sound of music to talk turntables, listen to some fantastic music, and maybe hear some exciting stories!

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